Biography and CV

Andrew Carnie is an artist and academic. He is currently part of the teaching team in Fine Arts at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, England. He was born in 1957. He studied chemistry and painting at Warren Wilson College, North Carolina, then zoology and psychology at Durham University, before starting and finishing a degree in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London. Andrew then completed his Masters degree in the Painting School, at the Royal College of Art. He has continued as a practising artist ever since. In 2003 he was the Picker Fellow at Kingston University.


His artistic practice often involves a meaningful interaction with scientists in different fields as an early stage in the development of his work. There are also other works that are self-generated and develop from pertinent ideas outside science. The work is often time-based in nature, involving 35mm slide projection using dissolve systems or video projection onto complex screen configurations. In a darkened space layered images appear and disappear on suspended screens, the developing display absorbing the viewer into an expanded sense of space and time through the slowly unfolding narratives that evolve before and around them. He also works in other medium working with video, sculptural materials like soap and in print and painting.

His work has been exhibited at the Science Museum, London, the Natural History Museum, Rotterdam, the Design Museum, Zurich, at Amnesty International Headquarters London, at the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London and Exit Art, in New York, the Williams College Museum of Art, and the Great North Museum, Newcastle, and the Pera Museum, Istanbul, Dresden Hygiene-Museum, the Morevska Gallery in Brno, Babel Gallery, Norway. The last large exhibition he was in was at PHI, part of the DHC gallery in Montreal, Canada. He previously exhibited with GV Art in London. A new static version of Magic Forest has been installed at the Wellcome Trust headquarters, London. His work is represented in collections in England, Germany, and America.

Andrew Carnie is supported by theartistsagency

Blue Matter at Hatton Gallery Newcastle Andrew Carnie.png