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A Seasonal Change 2021- ongoing


Ongoing work  - the idea is to research, develop, and exhibit a new ambitious large-scale, synchronized cyclical,digital video projection piece.


The research will explore ideas of how branching forms in nature change through the seasons and research our understanding of the circadian rhythm, and the importance of sleep to our biological health, looking at vitamin D production and sleep regulation. The final work might well take the form of complex projected dendritic trees onto translucent screens, and as a starting point will invert day for night; winter for summer and spring for autumn. The piece will hopefully be exhibited as part of the Winchester Short Film Festival at St Catherine’s Hill: the very place where panoramic images of the existing tree circle will be collected. Hopefully the project will make a positive contribution to the region’s arts community, adding to the city’s cultural offering, as I hope to engage local photographers and photographic societies to record the tree circle.

The photographs below, at the potential site are some test images using 'borrowed' equipment. I am testing whether an automated panoramic head or Insta 360 camera will give the desired outcome.

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