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Calcium Caving 2003


Calcium Caving, a two projector slide dissolve work, made using images from University College London and Kings College, London.

Calcium Caving 2003. Images of the skull in the mid-sagital cross section repeatedly advance, increasing in scale. Starting as a dot on the screen the skull gets bigger and bigger and fills the screen until another cycle begins and then another. At times the cycle deviates from this norm and the image devolves into spongy bone formations or expands on the river like formations in the skull where cerebral arteries have impressed themselves on the bone, or a large numbers of cross sections sit upon one another like a cross section through a tree.

Shown at the Winchester Gallery in the show 451 and at the British Association Festival of Science, Exeter, in 2003. three voile screeens, two projectors on stands, slide dissolve kit, and 162 images-slides, lasts about 22 minute

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