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Magic Forest

AC MAGIC FOREST SLIDE DISSOLVE WORK, 2002, size variable.jpg

Magic Forest (2002 ) was made for the exhibition Head On (2002) at the Science Museum, London which focused on neurology and the brain. The work was produced in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust. The final work is a dream-like journey through a sea of developing neurones, expanding and expanding in number. The work was dependent on research about the Spanish anatomist Santiago Ramon Y Cahal and on the contemporary work of Dr Richard Wingate of the Medical Research Centre for Developmental Neurobiology, Kings College, London. Magic Forest was shown at the Science Museum, London (2002); Rotterdam Film Festival, Rotterdam, Holland (2003); Mensbeeld, Natuurmuseum, Rotterdam (2004); Simply Complex, Design Museum, Zurich (2005), and Neuroculture, Westport Art Centre, Connecticut, USA (2006). Two articles have appeared in the journal Nature about Magic Forest.  The book,  Andrew Carnie, Magic Forest is available from

Magic Forest set up

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