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Andrew Carnie has been a practicing artist for 35 years or more and through this time has gained extensive experience and knowledge in the studio, through teaching and practice. In this time he has exhibited in museums, galleries and alternative spaces throughout the world, taken part in collaborative & social practice projects, residencies and received significant awards, grants and commissions.

He has taught in the UK, Portugal, Canada, and USA from pre-graduate Foundation level, undergraduate, through to postgraduate and PhD levels at art schools in the UK and abroad. His experience includes leading a painting department, running workshops, modules, seminars, delivering lectures, conference papers, running crit groups and tutorials. He has a broad knowledge with specialisms in painting, sculpture, installation, drawing and collage; he has also taught in textiles, photography and graphic art. He has been mentoring artists on a one-to-one basis and through studio internships since 2014.



Mentoring Offer

Sessions can be in person or online, one-to-one and/or in small groups. Each session is tailor-made to the learning interests and needs of those participating. Andrew would suggest an initial consultation to agree structure and approach for £40. Rates are then negotiated on a sliding scale by the hour.

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