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Over the last ten years I have from time to time, on quite a regular basis, made series of watercolours, some of which are represented in the images below. The activity has at times been intense, working on them every day for a couple of hours, and sometimes a half hour before I dashed to teach at the Winchester School of Art or after teaching when I returned home. The practice acted to 'settle', make me feel I was a practitioner; it was always nice to do something that had a result quite quickly, this offset the slow process of making the large time-based work that could take six months to a year to make.


The watercolours were made in batches. A series might take several days or weeks to make. Once finished I would never really return to that particular body of work, that batch. A series might be based around a topic or theme, something very 'felt' or start with some new process I had discovered, as below with the use of stencils, or the discovery of scratching into the paper to give a lithographic or etching-like effect.

So the images below are a small selection of watercolours produced over the last few years. They pertain to two periods of work, one on heart transplants and the other based on research on the immune system and more specifically the important role of the lymphatic system.

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