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Since about 2002 and maybe for a few years before this, the main focus of my work has been science-art work. The outcome of this has most often been time-based pieces. At the begining, the form of this was slide dissolve pieces using 35mm slide projectors, later becoming video works and then later still a variety of mechanised pieces using motors, magnets, torches, balloons and lasers.


For many years during this time, I have been trying to move to undertaking some painting on a regular basis; returning to oil paints. I studied painting at the Royal College of Art, London, and it was my early passion. I have in the time-based work found many painterly qualities but a desire to work on the flat surface has always persisted, but can I find the same inventiveness in this medium?


I have bought canvases and made small attempts to make this return on a number of occasions. I have had some success with the very small works, say around 12 ins by 18ins, and since the summer of 2021, I have started to make some larger works, making a more concentrated effort to undertake this return.

The studio and some of the resulting paintings are shown in the images below: -

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