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CANDO P1040433 BLUE MATTER  still from 4 channel video work Andrew Carnie 2019 .JPG

Andrew Carnie has been a practicing artist for some 35 years and more and through this time has made a great deal of work in all sorts of media and at all sorts of scales and gained extensive experience and knowledge of exhibiting and recording work.

In this period he has exhibited in museums, galleries and alternative spaces throughout the world, taken part in collaborative & social practice projects, residencies and received significant awards, grants and commissions.

Over the years Andrew has made the peices, the work has been documented in various settings and in various forms. As a result Andrew has a large archive of images of his work.


If you are interested in using any of these copyrighted image’s please contact at him at the below email address for prices and fees.


Prices are negotiable and for good causes there will be no fee.

Contact Andrew at :-

Images online Andrew Carnie.png
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