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Soap Hearts

MONTREAL_20140623_8587 Landscape med.jpg

The idea for the work A Strange and Dark Preparation in Vesalius Continuum (a conference and exhibition in Zakynthos, Greece commemorating the 500th anniversary of Andreas Vesalius) was to recast a new set of soap hearts in darker colours with not only small hearts inside but a variety of other materials, including more references to dissection of baboon hearts, dog hearts, etc. Vesalius was daring in overturning the prevailing authority of Galen's anatomy of some 1400 years earlier. The soap hearts are also sliced open, in the sagittal, coronal or transverse planes to reveal the inner contents. Part of the idea was to make a hands-on exploration of the materials to test out new ideas to research in a direct way as Vesalius did.

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