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Spencer Museum Exhibition

How We Touch One Another Andrew Carnie SS.png

Junctures of a Haphazard Kind part of the exhibition Healing, Knowing, Seeing the Body

For the past two years, UK-based artist Andrew Carnie has worked with a network of artists in the UK to produce Junctures of a Haphazard Kind. Building from his role in the transdisciplinary project Hybrid Bodies, which examines the non-medical effects of organ transplantation on recipients and donor families, this series of collaborative works explore notions of anonymity, consent, and responsibility by inviting artists to use works of art by Carnie to create a new, hybrid piece.

Spencer Curator Cassandra Mesick Braun invited four regional artists to participate in Junctures of a Haphazard Kind based on a variety of factors, including their work with textiles and mixed media, commitment to collaborative art-making, and interest in exploring the body and embodiment through art. Their diverse contributions were undertaken during the first weeks and months of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The images below show first some general shots of the gallery then previous stitched work by Andrew Carnie, based on the Heart Project, then collaborative work and finally two laser cut books Andrew exhibited in the show