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The work Tivoli is a mixed media work including HD video projection and the inflation of meteorological balloons suspended between black voile screens. The piece changes as the black and white neuro-tree like video work plays across the balloons and comes to life as the movement of the audience around the work triggers the sensors and the balloons begin to inflate. Simultaneously the LED lights come on in the balloons.  All this occurs in a variable manner dependent on which sensors have been triggered and which balloons come on and when.


The inflation of the balloons shifts the double layered voile screen and life is given to the work through shifting Moiré patterns that play across the layers. The work is a spin-off of the Winter Tree project and comes from ideas of interconnected-ness in neurons and plant matter, and growth.


A sense of breathing in, filling the lungs, occurs when the fans come on and air is directed into the balloons, a tentative 'magic' is in play.

Tivoli 2020, HD Projection, voile screens sensors fans and meteorological balloons, version one 3m x 6m

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