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Hire and Loan


I have a variety of equipment that I have, over the last thirty years collected for the delivery of diverse exhibitions at different scales. This equipment varies from 35 mm carousel slide projectors to good quality HD video projectors, a variety of media players and an infinite variety of screens to project upon.

Projection equipment includes:-

   Kodak Carousel 2050 projectors

   Imatronic dissolve equipment 

   Stumpfl equipment

   Andor Media players

   HD Blade players

   Sanyo PSanyo PLC-ZM5000L XGA projector 4000 lumen including short throw lenses

   Epson EH-TW9000 projector

   Various speakers and amplifiers.

Also I have a variety of tools, from drills to jigsaws. For example:-

   Makita cordless drill

   Makita cordless impact driver

   Makita cordless multi-cutter tool

   Makita cordless circular saw

   Makita cordless jigsaw

   Makita cordless reciprocating saw

Further I have:-


   Two sewing machines, one a long-arm version

   Airbrush equipment, wax and soap modeling equipment

   LFR Mark VI slide writing equipment

And I also have a relatively well-set-up workshop available near Basingstoke that could be used for fabrication. The setup included circular saws, jig saws, and band saws. Plus in the workshop, there are a variety of hand tools and power tools. Adjacent to the workshop is a set-up, blackout space some 9m x 6m for testing and photographing work.

Prices for hire of all these items is negotiable, and for good causes, these may be provided just at cost. Pick up and return has to be organised by the lender.

Do contact Andrew at :-

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