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Enlightenment Prints (2015)

Andrew Carnie and Susan Aldworth, Enlightenment No. 19, 2015, monotype prints, 80cm x 70cm

These prints by Andrew Carnie and Susan Aldworth were the first response to examining the early research of the CANDO, (Controlling Abnormal Network Dynamics using Optogenetics), team at Newcastle University. The research team was just getting set to begin research, looking at the types of viruses that would take the channel Rhodopsin into the brain; examining how they could develop an optrode, an electrical sensor and blue light-emitting device that would eventually be surgically implanted into the brain. The CANDO project, led by Professor Andrew Jackson and Professor Anthony O'Neil is a world-class, multi-site, cross-disciplinary project to develop a cortical implant for optogenetic neural control. The goal is to create a first-in-human trial in patients with focal epilepsy. 


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