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Here There and Everywhere

Here There EverywhereP1020210 THE WINTER TREE 2019.jpg

It is fifteen years since the slide dissolve work Magic Forest was first exhibited at the Science Museum, London and thereafter had extensive international tours. Fifteen years is a long time in science and Andrew Carnie has now revisited the science labs from which he gained the insight to make this original work.

Now with funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England, Carnie has been looking at different neurological fields and the wider area of dendritic form, tree-like structures; “I am now looking again at this complex world of neurology and how the science has developed through new technologies, responding to Brainbow, the Human Brain Project, neuroinformatics tools and Optogenetics”, adding “now in the video work Here There Everywhere I have begun to look at where we now situate ourselves in these neural networks and how they relate to networks outside us; as complex living systems: a parallel with the link between mycelium and trees, their signaling that indicates intercommunication, reflecting how this complexity is mirrored outside us’.

Double click video box to enlarge  and play   Here There and Every Where  video

Here There and Everywhere: 
Exhibited at the Winchester Gallery 2019 and the City Space Winchester in 2020

Here There and Everywhere: 
four channel HD video projection
onto letter box shaped black voile screen set six  inches from a white wall  

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