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Hybrid Bodies

A CHANGE OF HEART 2012 Video image courtesy Andrew Carnie and GV Art Gallery London IMG_20

Hybrid Bodies:   An Artistic Investigation into the Experience of Heart Transplantation. It is commonly accepted that new developments in science and technology impact on almost every register of human experience and interaction. The research project, Hybrid Bodies: an Artistic Investigation into the Experience of Heart Transplantation recognized the significant role that artists can play in this process. Four internationally exhibiting artists, Alexa Wright (UK), Catherine Richards (Canada), Andrew Carnie (UK), and Ingrid Bachmann (Canada), had access to an interdisciplinary research study into the emotional and psychological effects of heart transplantation.  This interdisciplinary study was produced by a research team based at Toronto General Hospital and the University of Toronto Health Network, the team included a cardiologist, philosopher, nurse, psychiatrist, and sociologist. Hybrid Bodies was exhibited at Phi Foundation for Contemporary Art, Montréal, Canada (2014), Kunstkraftwerk, Leipzig, Germany (2016) and Gallery West, London, University of Westminster (2017)