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360 Tree Circle Tests

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Some of the images, 360 photographs, I took through 2021-22 have been edited into a 360 panoramic work lasting about an hour in duration. The final configuration of the work has not been decided, whether it be a box or a circular voile screen. The images below were projected onto a flat letterboxthe screen, using four Sanyo HD projectors. This is one possibility for the work.

The images were taken at St Catherine's Hill, near Winchester Hampshire, and were taken at the rate of about one every week, for a year, some sections of the video are included in the work, and at some stages, the blend from one image to another is paced differently, or comes from down rather than from an upward position. The rise and fall of the sequences of images blend one picture into the next. On the first projection attempt, the piece did not seem to work particularly well. However, on a return visit to the studio in Wooton St Lawrence and with some intense tweaking the piece started to work. A short section including images of a green woodpecker photographed on the hill has been removed. They were nice still images but did not work in the context of the piece.

Andrew Carnie is an internationally exhibiting contemporary visual artist practicing in the UK. His main concerns focus on the interface of art and science, often working in collaboration with scientists, though not exclusively. His approach is media agnostic, using methodologies and media as informed by the context, concepts, and concerns. Large-scale installations and environments are a key part of his practice, exploring subjects such as heart transplants, metabolism, and neurological conditions – these immersive works engage audiences in how we see ourselves through the world of science.

Drawing, painting, and sculpting have an enduring place in his practice, but video, projection, and installation are his primary strengths. He creates environments that are endlessly fascinating around subjects, like heart transplants, metabolism, and neurological conditions that intrigue him, and audiences become caught up in these transformative works.

His work has been exhibited at the Science Museum, London, Natural History Museum, Rotterdam, Design Museum, Zurich, Exit Art, in New York, Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown, Great North Museum, Newcastle, Pera Museum, Istanbul, Dresden Hygiene Museum, Morevska Gallery, Brno, and the Daejeon Museum of Art, South Korea, the Hatton Gallery and Vane, Newcastle, the Anatomy Museum in Riga, the Kunsthal Charlotteborg, København, Danmark, amongst many others, and most recently in the exhibition Brain(s) at the CCCB Barcelona, and the Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Madrid, Spain


Read about the work at Catalogue.

See more work at the website: At axis web: art doxa: Current exhibitions and projects: and art blog: Optogenetics project: Heart project: Neurology project: of work: Supported by The Artists Agency:

All images: courtesy of the artist Andrew Carnie

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