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Atlas: Here and There

will be shown at the exhibition Brain(s)

12 July — 27 November 2022

at the CCCB, Barcelona

and then Fundación Telefónica (Madrid)

A co-production with the Wellcome Collection (London)

Curators: Emily Sargent and Ricard Solé

The human brain is the most complex object that we know and it is also the fabric of dreams and of conscious experience. It enables us to explore and change our surroundings, remember the past while we invent diverse futures, and understand the universe in unprecedented detail. “Brain(s)” explores not only how humans have studied and represented the brain, but also follows the analysis of the set of activities that it carries out, such as abstract thinking, language, consciousness, imagination or dreams. How does it create reality? What are the nature and origins of conscious experience? Could a machine imitate human creativity? Do non-human animals have consciousness? Can an ant or a plant be compared to a brain? Are we, as humans, a society of brains similar to a collective intelligence?

Atlas There and Here Andrew Carnie 2012

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