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Change My Mind: Psyche at the Science Gallery Bengaluru India

Updated: Jan 3

I have over the last few weeks been working on a project for Science Gallery, Bengaluru.

The work Change My Mind is for an online exhibition titled Psyche. I am exploring ideas around 'implantations' in the brain, neurotechnologies. I am doing this by sharing, giving an embryonic art work to about thirty participants from the Bengaluru area of India. The recipients will be directed to 'add', 'extend', or 'adulterate' the embryonic art piece visually, to explore their ideas and concepts of the implication of brain implants and the mind.

The embryonic work, an early version of it, shown below, was made on watercolour paper, using print and then laser cut. These should be sent out in the next few weeks.

'Change my Mind' 2022, Andrew Carnie, first stage of two-part collaborative work, print and laser cut on folded watercolour paper, two sided, 76 x 29cm

main website at

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1 Comment

Marius Kwint
Marius Kwint
Feb 18, 2022

Very nice, Andrew, and it'll be intriguing to see what the inheritors do.

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