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Move to Madrid 'Cerebro(s)'

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Atlas: Here and There 2012, portrait version projected onto a black voile screen set 6 inches from a white wall at the CCCB Barcelona in the exhibition Brain(s), 'Cerebro(s)' 22 December 2022 — 11 June 2023 Espacio Fundación Telefónica C/ Fuencarral, 3, Madrid, Spain The exhibition ‘Brain(s)’ explores how art, science and philosophy have represented this fascinating organ throughout history and takes us into both the anatomy of the brain and everything it generates: consciousness, abstract thinking, language, imagination, dreams, and memory. The exhibition also explores other minds beyond the human one: artificial, animal, and collective intelligence as well as organisms without a brain.

Curated by the physicist and biologist Ricard Solé and Emily Sargent, curator of the Wellcome Collection, the exhibition has around 300 pieces, including contemporary immersive art installations, pieces from historical collections, and results of scientific research projects along with perspectives from contemporary artists such as Tomás Saraceno, Andrew Carnie, Ivana Franke, Greg Dunn, and Joan Foncuberta . There is also historical material from Santiago Ramon y Cajal and René Descartes, inventions from visionary scientists,, and projects from landmark research projects.

The exhibition is a co-production between Fundación Telefónica, the Wellcome Collection (London), co-producer of ‘Brain(s)’, and CCCB.

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