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Somebody I Know

Updated: Apr 18


30 May - 22 June 2024

Preview: Saturday 1 June 2024 11 am – 4 pm

Ken Artspace 16 Windmill Row, London, SE11 5DW

Open: Thu-Fri 11 am-5 pm, Sat 11 am-4 pm

M: 07931 541 417

Andrew Carnie 'Damage' watercolour and felt, 38 x 28 cm August 2022

Ken Artspace presents Someone I Know, a solo exhibition of watercolour heads by Andrew Carnie. These watercolours are an ongoing project, something Carnie has been completing regularly, but only recently presented to the public. As he explains: “If you 'see' and try to 'understand' the world through images, you need to make them”.

Carnie is best known for his large-scale video projection works, based on a practice of working with scientists on topics such as heart transplants, brain implants, neurology, and immunology. These video-projection pieces take as long as six months to a year to make, to be ready for exhibition. As in such works as Atlas: There and Here (2012) currently touring in the exhibition, Brains(s) in Spain, or Blue Matter (2020), shown recently at the Kunsthal Charlotteborg, Copenhagen.

To counter this he has developed a parallel approach, producing small 'quicker to realise' watercolours, making them at a rate of 4 or 5 a week. This he does alongside making the larger-scale video pieces to make something material and get him through, what can be, very monotonous periods of editing on the computer.

The watercolours have become more and more important to him, spread in variety and grown in the way an art practice should. They now inform many parts of his practice, which as well as the video installations include oil paintings, sculptures and artist's books.

The watercolours first originated as he tried to make a ‘messier’ work, to reflect the complicated aspects of a project on heart transplant; Hybrid Bodies (2008-2019), a project based in Toronto, Canada, where most of the work he made were video pieces, too clean for a project that was very much about 'messy entanglements', the world of donors and donor families, recipients and their tricky relationships; the blood and guts of splicing bodies together; minds and change together. He started painting realistic hearts in watercolour in a human dissecting space in Antwerp, but gradually these have moved on to become extended paintings, semi-biographical heads or universal states of mind painted in his studio in Winchester.

The watercolours have spread to take on aspects of video-based works that have included MRI cross sections of the brain, to stitch and felting aspects of earlier projects (Junctures of a Haphazard Kind, Spencer Museum of Art, Kansas 2021), that tried to explore aspects of grafting together bodies by replicating this through the action of getting other artists to join together sections of Andrew's watercolours. In Change my Mind (Science Gallery, Bengaluru, 2022) looking at the possibility of brain implants, artists, scientists and the public 'added' to head images developed by Andrew.

All these projects can be seen to have informed Andrew's recent work.

For press, images and any media requests:

Contact: Rob Kesseler

07931 541 417


Andrew Carnie is an artist and academic at Winchester School of Art, Southampton University. His practice often involves a meaningful interaction with scientists. He is part of the Critical Practices Research team where his interests lie in exploring the self, through notions of hybridity, in organ transplantation and immunology. Other themes and ideas are often based on neurology, the brain, and how we get a sense of ourselves through scientific ideas, and images The work is often time-based in nature, involving slide dissolve systems or video projection onto complex screens. In darkened spaces layered images appear and disappear on suspended voiles, the developing display absorbing the viewer into an expanded sense of space and time through slowly unfolding narratives that evolve around them. His work has been exhibited at the Science Museum, London, Natural History Museum, Rotterdam, Design Museum, Zurich, Exit Art, in New York, Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown, Great North Museum, Newcastle, Pera Museum, Istanbul, Dresden Hygiene Museum, Morevska Gallery, Brno, and the Daejeon Museum of Art, South Korea amongst many others, most recently the Hatton Gallery and Vane, Newcastle.

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All images: courtesy of the artist Andrew Carnie   

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