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Tivoli: new work emerging

Updated: Jan 5

Tivoli 2020, one projector and voile screen, balloons, sensors and fans, 2.5m x 4.5m, continuous loop. The work changes as the black and white neuro/tree-like video plays across the balloons and comes into life as the audience moves around the work, triggering the balloons to inflate and the LED lights to come on inside the balloons in a variable manner. The inflation of the balloons shifts the double-layered voile screen and life is given to the work through shifting Moiré patterns that play across the layers. The work is a spin-off of the Winter Tree project and comes from ideas of interconnectedness in neurons, plant matter, and growth. A sense of breathing in, filling the lungs, comes when the air moves into the balloons, and a tentative magic happens.

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