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Winter Garden

Here There Everywhere P1020218 THE WINTER TREE 201.jpg

A set of three skeletal intersecting greenhouse frames, are combined  to form an open structure from which hang a number of very large meteorological balloons, each decorated and drawn upon. The drawings are based on differing 'neural' networks initally inspired by the historical histological drawings of Santiago Ramon y Cajal and Camillo Golgi.


The balloons are not static, but inflate and deflate over time.They are inflated by fans which are activated by PIR, passive infra red sensors, that are set to trigger the balloons into life, by activation from the passing audience. Further, sensors in the exhibition space set off strings of LED lights that play light blue and green lights positioned within the balloons. Voile coverings stretched between the panels of the greenhouse frames contain the balloons and add a further cinemtaic and screen like time-based quality to the work.


The work attempts to explore a spirit of connectedness, coming together, of tree like forms. A first showing of the piece took place at the Discovery Center Winchester in July 2020.

The work has a life of it’s own, activated by sensors that trigger the work into ‘being’, making the balloons inflate as the visitor moves around the three dimensional work in space.

Below. First rendition of the Winter Garden 2020, with the projection work Here There and Everywhere, 2019, in the background

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