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Being Human: Drawing Machines


Being Human: Drawing Machines

Andrew Carnie continues his creative exploration of the human body at the West Downs Gallery this autumn in this rare solo exhibition in the UK. The drawing machines were made in collaboration with fellow artist Bryn Lloyd, whose work focuses on kinetics and movement. The work engages audiences in how we see ourselves through the world of science.


Drawing machines that take control of the process out of Andrew’s hands, focus on the idea that we do not end at our skin, that independent organisms are at work within and at the very heart of ourselves. Made with support from Bryn Lloyd from the University of Winchester.

Andrew Carnie with Bryn Lloyd, 'In Plant', 2023, Kinetic sculpture with 3D pens approx 184 x 152 x 46 cm.

Andrew Carnie with Bryn Lloyd, 'Amend', 2023, Kinetic sculpture with branches and irrigation system  approx 224 x 152 x 46 cm

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