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Going West: New work at the West Downs Gallery. Winchester

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Andrew Carnie

Being Human: Seeing Ourselves

West Downs Gallery: Romsey Rd, Winchester SO22 5FT

University of Winchester

11 October – 15 December 2023

"Sun Salutation:Part 2", 2023, 1000 gram meteorological balloon , muslin bag , fan, and sensor, 150 x 150 x 150 cm

Andrew Carnie continues his creative exploration of the human body at West Downs Gallery this autumn in this rare solo exhibition in the UK.

Wall-mounted drawings, watercolours, drawing machines, and inflatables feature in this project which examines ideas around metabolism, sunlight, sleep, and vitamin D. The work represents a journey set up by Carnie as a way of creatively thinking through making.

Expanding upon his continuing interest in the visual representation of the body and nature, instead of Andrew’s usual large-scale immersive video works this exhibition focuses on drawing, painting, and sculpture. In collaboration with fellow artist Bryn Lloyd, the work engages audiences in how we see ourselves through the world of science.

Process compliments ideas, through four formats:

  • A series of small drawings and paintings, inserted into plastic pockets to make larger more encompassing works, anatomical drawings crisscrossing with each other and other small images, some created by staff and students at the University of Winchester.

  • Drawing machines. Made in collaboration with artist Bryn Lloyd whose work focuses on kinetics and movement. These machines play with gravity using motors to develop poetic three-dimensional drawings that take control of the process out of the artist's hands, focusing on the idea that we do not end at our skin, that independent organisms are at work within and function at the very heart of ourselves

  • A set of inflatable works made with cloth-covered meteorological weather balloons and fans driven by sensors, inflating and deflating, bodies in action, the world breath.

  • An array of watercolour works made in response to ideas about the metabolism as the project has developed and as Andrew navigates his own changing (failing?) body as he ages.

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